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How do our packages work?

  • Choose the number of personal training sessions you require each month.

  • You will receive a completely free gym membership at Atlas Gym, allowing you to further your fitness routine in your own time.

  • Absolutely free fitness plans, for you to complete at Atlas Gym.

Fitness packages

Individual sessions (plus free gym membership)

  • 4 sessions per month - £130.00

  • 8 sessions per month - £220.00

  • 12 sessions per month - £280.00

Partner sessions (plus free memberships)

  • 4 sessions per month - £140.00

  • 8 sessions per month - £240.00

  • 12 sessions per month - £300.00

Please note that some months may contain 5 weeks, increasing the number of sessions, as well as the overall price accordingly. 


OUr venue


Atlas is a privately owned gym, that has been thought out to the very last detail. The majority of the gym is built up of multi-station, strength and conditioning equipment, which is ideal for any fitness goal. The equipment itself has been designed and built by the brand 'Watson', which is renowned for its quality and durability. 
As well as this, we also have an outdoor courtyard, which is fully artificially turfed, allowing you to perform a large range of conditioning movements and exercises. 



As you can see, we have heavily discounted our prices when you commit to 2 or 3 sessions a week. We encourage this, as it has been proven to drastically improve client progress. As well as being instructed twice a week, you will receive a free gym membership, fitness plans, ongoing support and motivation; which is guaranteed to escalate your work rate, towards you goals. 


Atlas gym
89 Southampton Road
Park Gate
SO31 6AF

Some of our successful fitness clients

Client Profile - Sarah Godson
Personal training client - weight loss and lean muscle increase.

Training period - 02.01.16 - 05.05.16
Start weight - 66.6kg
End weight - 55.2kg

Client Profile - Adam Hunt
6 week fitness and nutrition programmes to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle.

Training period - 09.06.16 - 21.07.16
Start weight - 81.1kg
End weight - 78.9kg

Client Profile - Ashleigh Adams
Long term fitness and nutrition programme - weight loss and toning.

Training period - 26.01.16 - 15.06.16
Start weight - 65.4kg
End weight - 57.7kg